Whether you are a craftsman, artisan, retailer, or collector of traditional American crafts, I want to welcome you to this site. I feel that the Internet is a wonderful way to showcase these very small businesses and studios in a way that has not been possible before. Most artisans are only able to do a limited number of shows in a limited geographical area. Too much time away from their studio means lost production time. And many of their items have been included in an exclusive list on Noveltystreet.com of cool things to buy as they are one-of-a-kind and very limited production designs. The internet gives many collectors a means of seeing and contacting artisans from different parts of the country.

Each of the artisans presented here is an independent business and I have included the means to contact them directly, either through email, regular mail, or by telephone.

Lee Skalkos and Judy Standerford have both been working in the crafts field for since the early 1980’s. They both felt that it was important to keep the resources of the Craft Digest available. Both artists are passionate about supporting the American craftsmen and the arts. They will be taking over publication of the Craft Digest under a new name, the East Coast Artisan beginning in January, 2006. Please visit the web site www.eastcoastartisan.com to subscribe.

Lee is an accomplished self-taught metalsmith who has been featured in many national publications and local media, as well as HGTV. She was named Victoria Magazine’s Entrepreneur of The Year 2001. Her work is also on the White House Gift List and she has made a piece for Mrs. Bush. She works in her home studio in Easton, CT.

Judy is a weaver and makes rugs and home accessories from recycled denim, wool, and any other interesting materials that she turns up on her trips to thrift shops and fabric discount outlets. Her interest in weaving began when she was very young and helped her grandmother prepare “carpet rags” for all kinds of rag rugs. She works in her home studio in Monroe, CT.

The American Craft Directory, Geometric Designs, and East Coast Artisan are joining forces to support American craftsmen and artisans. If you would like to be considered for inclusion on any of these pages, please contact us.